Question time with CARLOS QUIZA

Q&A with Zummo London delivery driver Carlos Quiza

Zummo London delivery driver Carlos Quiza arrives at work at 4am Monday to Friday to ensure London’s top hotels, restaurants and bars only receive the freshest and best quality citrus fruits for their super-fast Z40 juicers.

As one of two delivery drivers dropping off orders to clients within the M25, Carlos is also responsible for checking the quality of the oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes sourced from New Covent Garden Market before they are loaded onto the van and dropped off at their respective venues.

Here he tells us a bit more about his role.

Name and job title:

Carlos Quiza, delivery driver Zummo London.

How long have you worked for Zummo London?

Two years.

Describe an average day at work:

I get up about 3.30am when most are still sound asleep in bed. I like to have my cup of tea in the morning, then drive the 25 minutes to work. I have all the paperwork regarding orders in the previous day so I head straight to New Covent Garden Market to pick up the fruit for delivery.

I have to check the quality of the fruit before loading it onto the van – we only supply top quality citrus fruit to our customers – so I will eat oranges and grapefruits to ensure they are in the best condition before I head out. The last thing you want to do is have to turn back to get replacements if the client says they are no good.

We have some clients we deliver to daily, others a couple of times a week – they are all places within the M25 – so I continue making all my deliveries until I’m finished at about 2.30pm.

What do you love about your job?

Because we regularly deliver to the same places every week, you get to know the chefs and the staff at the hotels and restaurants and it’s really nice to get to know all those guys. I take time to listen to their feedback and help them if they have any problems with the machines.

I also really enjoy driving around London and familiarising myself with the places we deliver to. There aren’t many people who can say they visit London’s top hotels and restaurants every day!

What have you learnt since working for Zummo London?

That the quality of oranges and other citrus fruit can be affected by the seasons and where it has come from. People might think that South African oranges are the best, but there’s a certain time of the year when they are at their best. At another time of the year, Spanish oranges will be better.  Not many know that, but it’s one of the things I’ve learnt since working here and at Zummo London we pride ourselves on knowing where and when we can source the best quality citrus fruit for our clients.