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Zummo’s unique free on-loan model, plus its exceptional juicing machines, soon grabbed attention. Here’s how we grew.

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Zummo Journey

Zummo first launched in Spain over 30 years ago. The brand quickly gained international renown, as more and more restaurateurs and chefs discovered Zummo’s efficient and low-wastage machines.

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A fresh touch

The Zummo London Story

Zummo arrived in the UK in 1999, and business partners Mark Riley and Bertie Garforth-Bles took over an existing Zummo London supplier in 2001. They’d previously run Zummo Western, so have been with the UK operation from the start.

The combination of a unique business model (free onloan juicers) and exceptional machines soon had everyone talking, or rather, squeezing.

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A fresh touch

Where Zummo London is today

And today? You’ll spot Zummo London juicers everywhere from The Lanesborough to Annabel’s, as more and more chefs and retailers realise the benefits of serving freshly squeezed juice.


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Contact us today, and start serving your customers the freshest, most delicious orange juice

As well as oranges, we can supply lemons, limes, pink grapefruits and pomegranates.

In London and within the M25, the Zummo juicers are free-on-loan. We charge for the fruits (Oranges, Limes, Lemons, Pink Grapefruits and Pomegranates) you use in our machine, and we send you a monthly invoice.

We’re ready to deliver the oranges (and other fruits) whenever you need them. Look out for our smart, liveried vans zipping around the capital! Because we buy fruit in large quantities, we’re able to source top-quality juicing fruit at any time of year, at a reasonable cost.

We offer UK-wide maintenance, repairs and spare parts for each of the latest models.