Zummo Z40 installed at Aqua Spirit

This month, Zummo London is installing a Z40 juicer in the fabulous rooftop cocktail bar, Aqua Spirit. This elegant venue has become one of the capital’s premier cocktail bars – and needs a lot of juice.

Aqua Spirit belongs to Hong Kong’s Aqua group, which has built up a collection of high-end bars and restaurants over the last 15 years. They have establishments in Hong Kong, Beijing, and this beautiful bar in London.

Aqua Spirit is in 240 Regent Street, a former department store building which celebrates its centenary next year. The top two floors are taken up by Aqua’s dining and drinking spaces. As well as Aqua Spirit, guests can enjoy modern Spanish cuisine in Aqua Nueva, or Japanese food in Aqua Kyoto.

The rooms are elegantly opulent; however, one of the real draws of Aqua Spirit is its rooftop terraces. Cocktails are served on the roof from 3pm onwards; and customers can watch the sunset over the West End. The terraces are lit by lanterns after dark, and you have the joy of looking down at the busy streets while escaping them. Aqua Spirit has fast become one of London’s most sought-after cocktail spots.

As you can imagine, the Aqua Spirit team has to produce a lot of cocktails, and constantly. That’s where the Zummo Z40 comes in. The bar has a tempting menu of classic and signature cocktails, many of which need fresh fruit juice to give the mix that extra energy.

There’s a lot of freshly-squeezed lime in this zesty collection, a juice that has been hard to get hold of in decent quantities in the past. The Z40 produces 1.5 litres of top-quality fresh lime juice in just 60 seconds – enough for even the busiest mixologist’s needs. Try a Missionary’s Downfall (which also has rum, peach liqueur and pineapple) to appreciate the subtle zing that freshly-squeezed lime juice adds.

The Z40 will also juice grapefruits, as used by Aqua Spirit’s mixologists in their take on the classic High Society cocktail. Oranges also feature on the menu. The bar’s own creation, Tell Me Tomorrow, mixes freshly-squeezed orange juice with vodka, Campari, lemon, agave – and beer. (We’ve made a note to ourselves to try this one: after all, we have to take our research into Zummo juice very seriously.) Add a few Japanese-inspired bar snacks, and you have the perfect city evening.

Do you own or manage a London bar or restaurant that uses fresh fruit juice? With Zummo Z40 juicers free on-loan within the M25, it simply makes sense to install one of these hard-working juicing machines in your establishment. We’ll discuss your fruit juice needs with you and give you a no-obligation demo of our superfast Zummo juicers. Please get in touch with us to find out more.