The growing consumer demand for soft drinks over the last couple of years has been well-documented by Zummo operators, with our machines becoming a staple across hotel bars and restaurants as demand continues to rise. According to Mintel’s latest Soft Drinks Review, soft drinks sales rose 4% in 2016 with fruit juice one of the main categories driving that growth.
Juice drinkers are creatures of habit, or so it seems, with a quarter of them drinking 100% natural fruit juice at least once a day, so being able to offer them a freshly-squeezed orange juice when they walk into your bar, restaurant or hotel is a savvy business move.

With concerns over sugary drinks led by the so-called ‘sugar tax’ on drinks, coming into force in April 2018, there has never been a better time to introduce options that can quench consumer thirst for naturally sweet soft drinks.

Freshly-squeezed orange or grapefruit juice, or a fruit-based mocktail flavoured with lime or pomegranate juice are just some of the options hospitality operators can add to menus if they install a Zummo Z40. The fastest juicer available, Zummo’s Z40 juicer can squeeze an astonishing 3 litres of 100% pure orange juice in just 60 seconds, helping operators to keep up with consumer demand for a high-quality fresh juice in record time.

With a full range of machines available to suit your specific needs, and all available free on-loan to London customers, it’s easier than ever to get prepared for the rush.