Facts about Oranges

Did you know that the quality of oranges used for juicing changes depending on where and when they have been grown? Zummo London explains all.

We all know that the best chefs prefer to use seasonal produce to get quality results in their dishes, so have you ever thought the same way about the oranges used to produce freshly-squeezed juice?

Some may think that the oranges we use to squeeze juice here in the UK come from Spain, but just as English-grown strawberries are at their best between May and July, oranges will be sweeter and juicier depending on where they are grown at certain times of the year.

Right now, for example, the Valencia, Delta and Midknight varieties from South Africa are beautifully sweet tasting and will produce a high yield of juice. Next month and into December, Uruguay is where the sweetest and juiciest Valencia oranges will come from.

Looking for a tasty vitamin C boost in the winter months? You’ll want the Salustiana oranges from Spain which are at their best between January and March.

From spring into summer Valencia oranges from Spain and Egypt will give the highest yield of juice with Peru and Israel also providing great quality oranges in the later summer months.

For any hotel, bar or restaurant located within the M25 and installing a free-on-loan Zummo Z40 machine, this information may not be a surprise. The bartenders and chefs using oranges supplied by us will know they only receive oranges at their very best and sourced from the right region depending on the time of year.

Our delivery drivers, like Carlos Quiza are at New Covent Garden Market bright and early every morning tasting and checking oranges from around the globe to ensure they are supplying the best quality product they can to our clients.

It’s all part of the service, so that you can be assured your customers will be served the highest quality 100% freshly-squeezed juice when using our machines in your business.