Freshly Squeezed Juice For Coya’s Cocktails

It’s hard to imagine a tequila or rum cocktail without a dash of fresh lime juice. So, it just made perfect sense for Latin American-inspired restaurant group Coya to install a Zummo Z40 juicer in its Mayfair venue.

Coya is an international members’ club-style group, with venues in London, Miami, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. The restaurant menu is contemporary but influenced by traditional Peruvian food; and adjacent to the restaurant in London’s Coya is the Pisco Bar, specialising in lovely Latino cocktails.

The bar, with a spectacular range of over 40 different tequilas, shares its name with a Peruvian brandy. The classic Pisco Sour cocktail needs lashings of lemon or lime juice to offset the pisco brandy; and naturally, the Pisco Bar serves its namesake cocktail with gorgeous, freshly-squeezed lime juice from the Zummo Z40.

Because, as every mixologist knows, the quality of the juice is as important as that of the alcohol. It’s a waste of good tequila to serve it with an indifferent, fridge-based juice. The classic Chilli Margarita wouldn’t be the same without the very freshest lime juice, and the bar’s selection of refreshing mocktails wouldn’t have the same zing if they were made from ordinary, bottled juice.

One of the Pisco Bar’s signature cocktails is the Hemingway at Coya. Originally created for writer Ernest Hemingway in 1930s Cuba, this drink lives or dies on the quality of its grapefruit juice. Hemingway, a man whose cocktail consumption must have assured his vitamin C intake if nothing else, would be very pleased that the Z40 produces stunningly good grapefruit juice. The Z40 is equally happy squeezing grapefruits and limes as it is the more conventional oranges – one of the features that makes this machine such a star in cocktail and juice bars.

Andrew Pengelly, the group beverage manager for Coya Restaurants, has used Zummo machines for over six years in a variety of venues, describing them as “the best juicers in terms of both performance and productivity.” He commends the Zummo Z40 as “an extremely easy piece of equipment…and a joy to work with.”

It’s not just the Zummo juicers that Andrew appreciates – it’s the service. We deliver oranges, limes, lemons, and grapefruits to the Mayfair venue five days a week. With a busy bar serving high-quality cocktails, the juice just has to keep coming; and according to Andrew, Zummo London’s rapid response time “means that we can offer our guests the best juice experience at all times.”

And that’s exactly what we’re aiming for. We give our clients a reliable and responsive service so they in turn are able to offer their customers an exceptional experience. Everyone’s as happy as Hemingway with a cocktail in his hand.

To find out how the Zummo Z40 can add zest to your cocktails, please get in touch. The Z40 comes in various options, including self service, and we stock a range of other fantastic Zummo juicers.