Introducing Zummo London’s Sustainable freshly squeezed juice service!


In the wake of Covid 19, guests will be placing greater importance on quality and sustainability, so delivering a substandard juice offering won’t cut it. You might think that you’re serving ‘freshly squeezed juice’ right now but if you look a little closer at those bottle labels, you’ll be surprised to find that you’re not. Did you know that this means you are highly likely to be serving processed juice (pasteurised or cold pressed) which greatly diminishes the flavour?

Achieve quality and meet your sustainability targets with our unrivalled combined bottle and machine offering

We use our award-winning machines to juice fresh lemon, lime, pomegranate, and pink grapefruit at our Central London hub before delivering straight to your venue in 1L fully compostable bottles made entirely from plants!

  • 100% quality pure, fresh juice. 0% additives
  • No single-use PET
  • We only use 100% compostable bottles
  • All at the same price as other juice suppliers who are providing inferior pasteurised juice
  • Our made to order system ensures you have minimal wastage
  • We operate a zero-waste circular food system – all fruit peels are fed to pigs
  • Our supply model creates a good marketing story to tell your guests
  • Sustainable – manufacturing and composting our bottles produces 60% less greenhouse gases and uses 50% less fossil fuels compared to traditional PET bottle production most commonly used.

How the bottle service works

  1. Submit your order directly to Zummo London by 8pm (we deliver 6 days a week)
  2. Your juice will be squeezed by our award-winning Z40 machines starting at 3am the following morning directly into 1L compostable bottles and delivered directly to your venue. Pour and serve
  3. Dispose of your empty Zummo bottles using the compostable bin bags provided.
  4. Bottles are collected for waste to energy with the ash being turned into high quality fertiliser. We have thought of the peel too – the peel from our lemon, lime, pomegranate and pink grapefruits will be fed to happy pigs, ensuring a more circular food system with zero waste!

And for the orange juice, we have just the thing..

Say hello to the Zummo London Z14 Nature, an unrivalled machine that eliminates the need for plastic bottle use. Slimline and compact, the Z14 easily fits in just about anywhere and enables you to offer the highest quality freshly squeezed orange juice service on-site and at speed, yielding 1.2 litres in just 60 seconds – all at the same cost to inferior pasteurised plastic bottle alternatives. All fully serviced free of charge!

This one-of-a-kind combined service is a win-win for your business:

  • Saves you time
  • Saves you money
  • Helps your business be more sustainable
  • Creates a marketing opportunity
  • Elevates your breakfast and cocktail experience*Zummo London will connect you with the appropriate collection service **free when oranges are ordered directly through Zummo London