Are Fruit and Vegetables Too Ugly To Eat?

Recent statistics have come to light detailing our perception of edible foods, and it does not paint a pretty picture. According to the Mail Online up to 40% of fruit and veg does not reach shelves because it is deemed, ‘too ugly’ for consumption. This isn’t all down to suppliers either, the general consensus is that the general public will not eat fruit and veg that is bruised, abnormally shaped or marked. Because of this the food is either given to livestock or planted back into the earth.
This wastage averages out to approximately £480 per household, and two thirds of that waste is entirely avoidable. In order to create a more sustainable system, actions have to take place that promote the consumption of ‘ugly’ fruits. It isn’t all bad news though, people are more inclined to eat these foods in light of more publicised concerns regarding rising food costs and sustainability. However, nearly 50% of all food wastage takes place in the households so changing British food habits starts with the consumer! When you consider that a third of all food is wasted, it is not all that surprising that we are beginning to see steps taken in the right direction.

There are many things people can do with leftover fruits and veg as well; it isn’t just ‘ugly’ fruits and veg that are getting wasted. Potato skins can be cooked and used as a substitute for crisps, leftover fruit can be thrown together and used in a fruit salad; the possibilities really are endless.