How We Work

Here at Zummo London it’s simple. Customer service and orange machines are equally as important to us. We have recently been granted the exclusive and official license to distribute Zummo machines and their parts throughout the UK. To let our customers understand our services, we’ve split them into 3 sections.

Free-on-Loan Zummo Juicer Machines in London

It couldn’t be more straightforward. Simply get in touch to discuss your requirements, and we’ll help you choose the best Zummo juicer that fits your needs. Whether you’re calling from a leading hotel chain or a small deli, we’ll find the right juicer for you, and get your machine up and juicing immediately.

In London and within the M25, the Zummo juicers are free-on-loan. We charge for the oranges you use in our machine, and we send you a monthly invoice.

We’re ready to deliver the oranges (and other fruits) whenever you need them. Thanks to our responsive repair and replacement service, we’ll make sure you’re never out of juice. Look out for our smart, liveried vans zipping around the capital!

As we said, it couldn’t be easier. To find out more, please talk to us at Zummo London on 0845 576 5550.

Purchasing of Zummo Juicer Machines across the UK

We’ve branched out – and we now sell our Zummo machines to customers across the UK.

Zummo juicers are robust and reliable – however, if there is a problem with your Zummo juicer, just let us know. Our service goal is to ensure that you can carry on with minimum disruption.

Call us on 0845 576 5550 to discuss what juicers are available. We’ll install it and train your team as soon as we can – wherever you’re based.

Zummo Maintenance, Repairs and Spares

What’s the point in having a Zummo machine installed in your business, but it isn’t running? We are now able to offer UK coverage of ongoing maintenance, repairs and selling of spares and parts for each of the latest models available on the market, these include:

Zummo z40, Zummo z06, Zummo z14, Zummo z1 or the Zummo z-22

Simply contact our sales team to discuss and book a maintenance or repair in – wherever you’re located throughout the UK.