Orange Juice is believed to have many beauty benefits

Recent studies have shown that Orange Juice, a fruit juice already famed for its positive effect on general health, has now been cited as being simultaneously fantastic for your skin. It isn’t all as perplexing as it may at first seem – after all, you may have already noticed orange peel or orange juice listed on the back of skin nurturing products and face packs. The reason that this has an effect is allegedly because of the inherent potassium, vitamin C and folic acid within the orange – this has been celebrated for improving hair, skin and nails. The juice is also said to deter ageing, the antioxidants tighten the skin and keep it moisturised. A recent article in the mirror stated that 2 thirds of all health professionals suggest that people drink at least one serving of orange juice a day.

Orange Juice Machines

This isn’t the first time that orange juice has been sighted in the headlines because of its nutritional value; there are claims that it is useful for a number of other things. Of course the main benefit is the intake of vitamin C; this is helpful for your immune system – decreasing the likelihood of catching illnesses such as a cold or the flu. It is meant to be very high in antioxidants, acting to prevent various forms of cancer. Finally, it has also been noted as having a positive effect on circulation, acting to counter heart disease. Now, this isn’t a comprehensive list, there are many other factors – and of course it is important to point out, that orange juice, like everything else, can have detrimental effects if drunk in excess.

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