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Zummo z40 Machine

Zummo Z40


Price - £4000 + VAT (PLUS £150 DELIVERY)

A high-yielding, super-fast Zummo Z40 juicer that’s ideal for establishments where demand for juice is high.

All Zummo machines have a unique action, vertical squeezing. One at a time, the fruit is cut in half then squeezed without the juice coming into contact with the bitter peel. The result – fresh, natural fruit juice that tastes delicious.

Fruit size
The Zummo Z40 is suitable for oranges, limes, lemons, mandarins, grapefruits and pomegranates.

The squeezing set comprises cups, balls, and hopper fruit classifiers. The following squeezing sets are available, depending on the size of fruit you wish to juice:

Squeezing set A.    For fruits with a diameter of 53-76mm, in dark grey (available as standard)
Squeezing set B.    For fruits with a diameter of 64-88mm, in light grey (optional)
Squeezing set C.    For fruits with a diameter of 77-100mm, in very light grey (optional)

Fruits per minute
40 oranges per minute.

Automatic feeder
The top-mounted rotating feeder holds up to 20 kg (44 lbs) of fruit.

Digital programmer
Digital programmer and fruit counter to monitor the number of fruits squeezed, plus a digital display screen that provides information on the machine’s operating status.

Stainless steel body.

Quick and easy to clean. It only takes 6/7 minutes to disassemble, clean, dry and reassemble the removable parts.

Other features
Drip tray and grille, stainless steel waste bin, self-cleaning filter.


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Technical Details of the Zummo Z40
230V-50Hz, 220V-60Hz, 110V-60Hz, 240V-50Hz, 120V-50Hz.
Single Phase 0.5CV
Energy Consumption
290w. Consumption on standby - 2.4w.
Net Weight
81.5Kg (179.7lbs)
Feeder Capacity
20Kg (44lbs) of fruit
Fruits per minute
Fruits size
Diameter of 53-76mm, 64-88mm, 77-100mm
Height x Width x Depth: 980mm (38.6") x 598mm (23.5") x 545mm (21.5")
The Zummo z40 juicer machine features an automatic triple safety sensor with thermal cut-out. The machine will stop, and any incorrectly positioned parts will be indicated on the display panel.