The Benefits of a Zummo Juicer Machine

Discover the advantages of an intelligent machine by Zummo

Top quality fruit juice

Don’t compromise. Always serve the freshest, best tasting juice by squeezing it yourself. Freshly squeezed juice never loses its fresh flavour, becomes separated, or goes out of date.

Because we purchase juicing fruit in such large volumes, we’re able to source great quality produce throughout the year. We can guarantee that we can deliver high-yielding fruit to you, whatever the season, and at short notice.

Fast and efficient juicing

Juicing doesn’t have to be the slower option, thanks to Zummo technology.

The clever design of a Zummo juicer’s mechanism means that every drop of juice is squeezed from the fruit – and extremely quickly. In fact, delivering a customer a glass of freshly squeezed juice is no slower than opening the fridge and pouring from a bottle.

The Zummo Z40 N Adapt, one of the market’s leading juicer machines, can squeeze 3 litres of orange juice in just 1 minute.

Freshly squeezed juice is cost effective

Our customers are often surprised – and always delighted – to find out that delicious freshly-squeezed juice works out at a similar cost to buying in pasteurised, bottled juice.

There is zero wastage when you squeeze the fruit on site – nothing goes beyond its use-by date, and there’s never any poor-quality juice to dispose of. Keep an eye on your usage with the digital programmer.

Zummo juicers are adaptable

From counter-top juicers right through to large self-service models for hotel breakfast buffets, there is a Zummo juicer to suit all types of catering business. They can be compact, on wheels, with or without cabinets… You choose, and we’re always on hand to advise you.

All the Zummo juicers will squeeze any round citrus fruit – lemons, limes (fresh lime juice is notoriously hard to obtain), mandarins, grapefruits and pomegranates.

A bit of fun for your customers

We always say that a Zummo juicer adds a bit of theatre to your bar. Smart and contemporary-looking in stainless steel, a Zummo juicer looks great, and is fascinating to watch in action!

Now you can go one step further with the new Zummo Z40 Nature Adapt Cabinet Store juicer. The automatic start/stop function allows your customers to simply press the tap to help themselves to freshly squeezed juice – perfect for hotel breakfast bars and buffets.

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