Zummo Machine in Villandrys London Restaurants

A collection of high end restaurants serving light and delicious French Mediterranean food, Villandry’s dining rooms are the perfect place to enjoy freshly-squeezed orange juice. Zummo London has provided two of Villandry’s London restaurants with Zummo juicers; and the resulting pure juice perfectly suits their fresh, Mediterranean ethos.

Villandry was established 17 years ago in Marylebone High Street, inspired by the Chateau de Villandry in the Loire Valley. This beautiful house is known for its fabulous gardens, and has the largest walled kitchen garden in France – hence its appeal to the restaurateurs who wanted to emphasise fresh, seasonal French produce. Appropriately, the house also has an orangery…

The Chateau de Villandry orangery is truly unique, being a troglodytic orangery. It’s hewn into the rock, with a south-facing front elevation with large glazed doors, ensuring that there is a constant temperature. With this history, fresh fruit juice is a natural part of the Chateau de Villandry-inspired menu at these elegant London restaurants.

Villandry Great Portland Street opened in 2000, when the first Villandry restaurant relocated here from Marylebone High Street. It has a reputation for being favoured by the great and good, thanks to its emphasis on private dining. However, this grand café-style venue caters for all food-lovers, promising “all day dining in large lovely spaces.”

Zummo London has supplied Villandry Great Portland Street with three Zummo juicers. This refined establishment has a restaurant, a café-bar, the intimate “Red Room” dining room, and a high-end take-away. Freshly squeezed juice has a great part to play on all of these menus, and is especially popular at Villandry’s scrumptious take-away and cake counter.

Villandry St James’s in Waterloo Place opened in 2013, and we’ve recently installed a Zummo machine there. Again, there’s an emphasis on private dining; however they also have a fantastic restaurant and café bar, which serve French Mediterranean cuisine – and importantly for the Zummo juicer, Villandry St James’s has a great range of cocktails!

The Zummo juicers in both Villandry St James’s and Great Portland Street are busy in the evening, as selected cocktails are on offer between 5 and 8 o’clock from Monday to Saturday – a lovely way to relax after work! Classic cocktails that need good orange juice include the famous Harvey Wallbanger, and fresh orange juice also has a starring role in Villandry’s signature cocktail, the Deer Hunter’s Pouch. Thanks to Zummo’s hard working juicers, those not imbibing cocktails can still enjoy a real taste of the Med with a glass of freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice.

Villandry promises “sunny French food” – and what could feel sunshinier than freshly squeezed orange juice? We’re delighted to have a role in bringing a taste of French Mediterranean light and warmth to London.

If you feel that your restaurant, café, bar, or hotel would benefit from serving delicious fresh juice, please contact Zummo London to find out more. We supply top quality, free-on-loan juicers to clients across London and within the M25.