Zummo Juicer Machines Reach New Heights At The Shangri La…

Earlier this week, we installed Zummo London’s highest commercial juicers, as three Zummo Z40s moved into the restaurants at Shangri-La at The Shard.



Standing at almost 310 metres high, the 95-storey skyscraper is Britain’s tallest building. Named for its resemblance to a shard of glass, the spectacular architecture was inspired by the church spires that have pierced London’s skyline for centuries, and the masts of tall ships in the nearby River Thames. The Shard replaced a rather more modest 24-storey 1970s block, and was actually constructed thanks to a government initiative to encourage tall buildings at transport hubs.

The Shard was completed in 2012, and its vertiginous visitor attraction, The View From The Shard, opened the following year. What’s on all the other storeys? Architect Renzo Piano describes his creation as “a vertical city, for thousands of people to work in and enjoy.” His city houses offices, shops, a clinic, a business school, restaurants, apartments – and a hotel, the stylish Shangri-La, which occupies the 34th to the 52nd storeys.

Global hoteliers Shangri-La have over 100 luxury hotels and resorts. A flagship hotel since it opened in 2014, Shangri-La at The Shard can boast incredible city vistas from each one of its 202 guest rooms – and the hotel’s restaurants and bars (LÁNG, TĪNG  and GŎNG) are also designed to immerse diners in the astonishing views.  Where else can you enjoy a drink in London while admiring Sussex?

Shangri-La asked us to provide them with three Zummo Z40 juicers. Two will begin their days juicing oranges and grapefruits for breakfast in the elegant TĪNG restaurant. Having refreshed the breakfasting diners, the juicers will be wheeled away again and spend the rest of the day juicing limes and lemons for cocktails in the GŎNG bar. That’s a great advantage of the Zummo Z40 – it’s very easy to move around, making it the perfect versatile juicer for multi-restaurant hotels like the Shangri-La.

The third Zummo Z40 juicer is housed in LÁNG, the hotel’s ground floor artisan café and deli, where it provides delicious drinks for relaxed hotel guests and take-out juices for busy city workers.

We launched our trio of Zummo Z40 juicers last Monday – and almost immediately, people were commenting on the delicious smell of freshly squeezed grapefruits in the restaurant! The Z40 is the perfect model for a larger venue like Shangri-La, as it can keep up with the demand of even the busiest breakfast service. The versatile machine is equally at home as a self-service breakfast juice dispenser or helping out the mixologists at the cocktail bar. As a juicer that produces freshly-squeezed lime juice, it’s a popular choice for bars that serve classic cocktails.

If you manage a restaurant, café or bar and would like to know more about the Zummo Z40 commercial juicer, please contact us. We’re always happy to give you a demonstration of these hard-working juicers – and remember, if you’re based within the M25, the Zummo juicers are free on-loan.