What better place to serve freshly squeezed orange juice than in an Orangery?

What better place to serve freshly squeezed orange juice than in an Orangery? We have just installed a Zummo Z40 juicer in the restaurant at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, which is housed in the garden’s Georgian former Orangery.

The fabulous restaurant at Kew is run by Peyton and Byrne, who have a series of restaurants and cafés in landmark buildings across London. We already supply their restaurants at the Royal Academy and the British Library at St Pancras, so we’re delighted to introduce the Zummo Z40 to this venue as well.

The Orangery at Kew has been serving food since 1989. It’s a stunning venue for a restaurant: light and airy, with lovely views across the gardens through its many windows.

Orangeries became popular among the European wealthy from the 17th century onwards. The British had been enjoying citrus fruits since the Middle Ages; however it wasn’t until we had the ability to make clear glass in large quantities that we could actually grow them in this climate. Orangeries were early greenhouses for the rich, and it soon became a desirable status symbol to have one in your grounds. They were often richly decorated buildings, used for outdoor entertaining as well as growing fruit.

The Orangery at Kew was completed in 1761, designed by architect William Chambers. It’s a beautiful building, and when it was built it was the largest glasshouse in the country. However it didn’t let in enough light for the poor struggling orange trees, which were uprooted and moved to Kensington Palace orangery in 1841. The Kew Orangery then became a more general greenhouse, then a museum, then a tea room, finally becoming a restaurant in 2002.

The Orangery is serves a variety of delectable freshly-cooked meals throughout the day.  As a self-service restaurant, they quite rightly went for the Zummo Z40 self-service model. A handsome machine, the Z40 sits neatly between other fresh food counters.

Superbly easy to use, which is essential for a self-service orange juicer, it enables customers to help themselves to what is the freshest juice possible. It’s also extremely quick to squeeze and dispense orange juice, so the Orangery isn’t faced with a long queue of thirsty customers. The Orangery does a good breakfast trade, so Zummo’s 100% pure orange juice is a very popular option.

The ability to serve best-quality orange juice on demand, throughout a long and busy day, is a great asset to a restaurant that prides itself on its fresh produce. Because it serves breakfast, the Orangery has a longer day than most heritage attraction catering outlets, so having fresh juice on tap is incredibly handy.

But, installing a Zummo Z40 juicer in the Orangery is about more than making sure that the juice flows freely. It’s a nod to the building’s origins. It’s in homage to the days when oranges were quite rightly prized as something truly delectable, and considered so important that they had magnificent buildings created in their honour.  Having fresh orange juice in this location just feels right.

But of course, your restaurant doesn’t have to be housed in a Georgian glasshouse for you to appreciate the need for great orange juice. To find out how a Zummo juicer can benefit your business, please contact us. Join us in a centuries-old tradition of enjoying this lovely fruit!