Zummo London has installed a Z40 commercial juicer at The Beaumont…

The Beaumont is an elegant 5 star hotel in London’s Mayfair. A grand Art Deco building reminiscent of romantic ocean liners, The Beaumont was launched just back in 2014 – and has already been awarded the AA’s London Hotel of the Year. With a vintage Daimler for guests to use, and a suite sculpted by Antony Gormley (the famous “ROOM”), this is a hotel worth investigating.

It also has a wonderful American-style bar which is attracting a lot of positive attention. Zummo London has installed a Z40 commercial juicer at The Beaumont, which is helping to recreate classic 1930s cocktails.

Art Deco style became popular in the 1920s and 1930s, its modernist geometric shapes replacing the elaborate Art Nouveau style. It greatly influenced architecture and interior design, with an emphasis on glamour, opulence, and exceptional craftsmanship. The building that’s now home to The Beaumont dates from Art Deco’s heyday, 1926. With the combination of modernity and luxury that defines the style, the hotel is both theatrical and comfortable.

Art Deco and cocktails grew up together. Cocktails had been around in America since the late 18th or early 19th century. However, it was during the American Prohibition in the 1920s and 1930s that these blended drinks really became popular, with juice and syrups disguising the taste of illicitly-produced alcohol (usually pretty poor stuff).

The classic shape of the cocktail glass (often called a Martini glass) owes a lot to Art Deco styling. Although the basics of the design date from the late 19th century, in the early 20th century the shape became more exaggerated, with the elegant stem lengthening and the bowl becoming more conical in design. As well as improving the aesthetic appearance of the glass, the long stem prevented the drinker’s hands from warming up the cocktail, and the steeper sides of the bowl made it easier to balance that iconic olive. There’s also a story, possibly apocryphal, that if your Prohibition speakeasy was raided, it was easier to ditch the contents quickly from a wide-rimmed glass!

The shared heritage of Art Deco design and cocktails meets in the lavish American Bar at The Beaumont. The bar’s design is an homage to the popular bars found in European cities during the 1920s (when ironically, the Americans themselves wouldn’t have enjoyed such easy access to liquor), and it specialises in traditional cocktails, bourbons and whiskeys. In-keeping with the hotel’s Art Deco ethos, the American Bar promises “nothing new-fangled”.

Apart from behind the scenes, that is! The juice for The Beaumont’s range of classic cocktails is provided courtesy of an all-new Zummo Z40 juicer. Capable of juicing 3 litres of pure orange juice in just 60 seconds, the Z40 could keep up with even Hemingway’s cocktail demands. It’s just the thing for the busy Mayfair bar, as the Z40 also juices limes, lemons, pomegranates and mandarins – perfect for the discerning mixologist who likes to always use fresh juices.

If your bar has similarly discerning mixologists (and guests), please get in touch with us at Zummo London. We’ll help you produce authentic and top-quality cocktails.