The Zummo z40 At The Lanesborough

At Zummo London, we know that the best hotels need the best ingredients – and that includes the freshest fruit juices. Last year, we installed a Zummo Z40 juicer in the luxurious Lanesborough in Hyde Park Corner following the five-star hotel’s major refurbishment.

The Lanesborough is a luxurious Regency-style hotel close to Buckingham Palace. Now part of the international Oetker Collection of “masterpiece hotels”, 2015’s spectacular makeover is believed to have cost around £80 million.

The elegant mansion hotel dates back to 1719, when it was built by the 2nd Viscount Lanesborough. When he died without heirs, the house became St George’s Hospital, and was rebuilt by National Gallery architect William Wilkins in 1827. The mansion remained as a hospital until 1980, when St George’s relocated; and in 1991 after extensive renovation, the building was reborn as a luxury hotel and named after its original owner.

Twenty years later, designer Alberto Pinto was commissioned to redesign the public rooms and the 93 bedrooms and suites. His brief was to lighten the darkish interior, and reinstate Regency elements. This combination of traditional elegance and the latest technologies make The Lanesborough a truly plush and well-appointed place to stay.

When it reopened after the 19-month renovation programme, it was immediately dubbed “the most expensive hotel in London”. Naturally, a place with this level of quality and service needs to use the best ingredients, and that includes its freshly squeezed fruit juices. We installed a Zummo Z40 in The Lanesborough last year – the fastest juicing model with the largest capacity, which can squeeze a variety of fruits.

It’s in the Lanesborough’s Library Bar that the Zummo Z40 really comes into its own. The bar is relaxed and intimate, and the exceptional drinks menu includes a collection of vintage Cognacs as well as stylish cocktails. A team of award-winning bar staff create the most delectable cocktails, and thanks to the Z40, they’re able to use freshly squeezed lime, lemon, orange, mandarin, and pomegranate juices.

Cocktails that rely on freshly squeezed juice include “Lady Million”, which uses mandarins to add a refreshing touch to the Cognac, champagne, and honey mix. The sophisticated “Evergreen” adds lime to gin, eucalyptus syrup, and champagne. We’ve mentioned before that good quality fresh lime juice is pretty nigh impossible to buy, so the ability to squeeze limes on the premises is a real asset for any high-end cocktail bar.

But of course freshly squeezed fruit juice is not just for cocktails. Guests at The Lanesborough can enjoy orange or grapefruit juice in the stunning Celeste restaurant. It’s an exquisite restaurant, where diners sit under a spectacular glass-domed ceiling, more Art Deco ocean liner than central London. For a more intimate dining experience, The Withdrawing Room is a lovely place to relax and appreciate the impeccable service – and unwind with a mouth-watering freshly squeezed juice.

If you want to ensure that your guests are enjoying the best quality fruit juice available, please contact Zummo London to find out more.