Zummo z40 in the Metropolitan, London…

If you’re offering your guests a healthy breakfast option, freshly squeezed fruit juice is an essential ingredient. The COMO Metropolitan London has an enticing, healthful breakfast menu, and the Zummo Z40 commercial juicer is helping them to serve delicious and nutritious juices.

The COMO Metropolitan is a 144-room five-star hotel in London’s Mayfair. Famous for being the home of Japanese-Peruvian restaurant Nobu and the Met Bar, it’s an elegant and sophisticated destination. Completely redesigned last year, it’s cool and contemporary, with a fabulous Park Lane location.

The hotel has a Zummo Z40 commercial juicer in its kitchens, and freshly squeezed fruit juice is an important part of its breakfast offer. Breakfast is served in the White Room, a calm and elegant space that’s designed to be relaxing. They serve delectable home-made pastries, and of course, there’s always the full English for a hearty start to the day. However, the COMO Metropolitan London’s breakfast menu specialises in health and wellbeing, perfect for sending guests out into Park Lane with a zing in their step.

COMO Group’s executive chef Amanda Gale has developed a range of “Shambhala Cuisine”, named for the Tibetan mythical kingdom, and intended to increase energy and improve wellbeing. By balancing raw and cooked ingredients, it is believed that the nutritional integrity of the food is maintained. As you can imagine, pure fruit juice has a significant role to play in this style of cuisine.

The White Room serves fresh juices and smoothies, and Ms Gale has created a range of Shambhala juices, blends of juices designed to benefit health as well as taste delicious. The Zummo Z40 is the perfect choice for the White Room’s breakfast kitchen, because as well keeping up with the demand, it squeezes a variety of fruits.

The juice menu includes pomegranates, a fruit which has been widely used in traditional medicine for centuries. It’s up for debate whether it has actual medicinal properties; however the fruit is certainly a good source of fibre, vitamin C, folate, iron and other antioxidants. Plus, it tastes gorgeous!

However, the pomegranate is not an easy fruit to deal with. The typical way to get those jewel-like seeds out is to cut the fruit in two, and bash the skin side of each half with a spoon, showering the room with juicy little rubies. Pretty, and quite good fun, but not very efficient. Some establishments get round this problem by using ready-made pomegranate juice. However, the antioxidising polyphenols are affected if the juice is pasteurised, so having your on-tap supply of pomegranate juice is essential if you want to keep its health-giving properties.

Step forward, the Zummo Z40. This commercial juicer can actually deal with these tasty but tricky fruits; and that’s made a world of difference to health-aware kitchens across London. COMO Metropolitan London offers fresh pomegranate juice as part of its continental breakfast, and there’s the Superfruit Pomme Smoothie on the Shambhala breakfast menu, starring apple, acai, pomegranate and blueberries. The White Room’s Z40 also squeezes oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. For guests wanting to start the day feeling revived and refreshed, but who don’t have time for breakfast, fresh juices are also available to go.

Don’t limit your juice menu or compromise on the quality of the juices you serve. The Zummo Z40 squeezes oranges, mandarins, lemons, limes, and of course, those fiddly pomegranates. And with a squeezing speed of 40 oranges per minute, it can easily keep up with the demands of a busy hotel breakfast kitchen. To find out more, please contact Zummo London.