Zummo z40 in London’s Novikov

A good cocktail bar needs a reliable supply of good quality fresh fruit juice – and what better way of ensuring its freshness than squeezing it to order? Zummo London has supplied Upper Berkeley Street’s fabulous Novikov with a Z40 juicer – and it’s being kept incredibly busy providing juice for its tempting cocktail menu…

Established by renowned Russian restaurateur Arkady Novikov, the eponymous London restaurant is on a grand scale, able to accommodate up to 540 diners. It’s divided into two restaurants, one Asian and one Italian, as well as a lounge bar. The Novikov Lounge features live music and DJ sets, and a fantastic cocktail menu – and that’s why they approached us to install a Zummo Z40.

Novikov is famous for its cocktails, serving a mix of house specialities, old favourites, and alcohol-free mocktails. If you’re serious about cocktails – and Novikov is – you need to make sure that you’re using top quality ingredients. Here’s how the Zummo Z40 is helping Novikov’s mixologists create some of the capital’s top cocktails.

Add a zing of lime…

Any mixologist will tell you that fresh lime, especially good quality fresh lime, is annoyingly difficult to get hold of. As it’s is used in many cocktails (imagine cocktail bar staples the Mojito or the Moscow Mule without it!), a good source of freshly squeezed lime juice is the Holy Grail for many bar managers.

Enter the Zummo Z40, squeezing 1.5 litres of delectable lime juice in just 60 seconds. In Novikov, it gives a zing to many a cocktail, including the Discofox where it’s teamed with, of all things, popcorn.

And a dash of pomegranate…

Fresh pomegranate is also tricky to get hold of. It features in Middle Eastern and Asian cooking, and is becoming increasingly popular in the UK as a delicious drink. Novikov, unusually, serves it as a stand-alone fruit juice on its soft drinks menu – and of course, it also makes an appearance on the cocktail menu. The Grapeist No. 2 has a fabulous list of ingredients, including Martell VSOP, Rioja, grapes, lime juice (again), walnuts – and freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.

The Zummo Z40 actually squeezes these beautiful but awkward fruits, saving an awful lot of time and energy. The pomegranate juice produced by the Zummo is absolutely gorgeous.

Some classic freshly-squeezed orange juice…

Let’s not forget the king of all juicing fruits, the orange. The mixer for many cocktails, it’s also one of everybody’s favourite stand-alone soft drinks. At Novikov Lounge, try it in a Smart and Horny, where it’s teamed with rum, Drambuie, lime, and ginger.

Orange is still the most popular fresh fruit juice, and the Z40 squeezes them faster than any other machine on the market – an impressive 40 fruits per minute. That’s a lot of, er, Smart and Hornies…

How about some tangy grapefruit juice?

The grapefruit is a lovely fruit for cocktails. Available in a variety of colours, and ranging from sweet to super-sour, it’s a wonderfully versatile fruit.

In Novikov, the Zummo Z40 is busy juicing pink grapefruits for popular mocktail Coco Loco. Grapefruit juice also sharpens up The Squirrel, a nutty cocktail based around Frangelico.

Finish with some zesty lemon

Lemon is used in so many drinks that it’s hard to know where to begin. However, in Novikov’s Lounge, the ultimate lemony cocktail has to be the Wild Orchid. This special-occasion cocktail also stars Absolut Wild Tea Vodka – and 18 carat gold flakes. So as you can see, any old lemon juice simply won’t do…

The Z40 can juice up to 2 litres of lemons a minute, so Novikov’s mixologists always have a squeeze of lemon handy.

So there you have it – a cocktail of different juicing options from the Zummo Z40, perfect for a busy bar like Novikov.

If you want to make sure that your cocktail bar is using the best ingredients, please contact us at Zummo London. We can supply both the Zummo juicing machine and the fruit, ensuring that your customers – and your mixologists – are delighted with their cocktails.